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The official logo of the Youth for Environment in Schools-Organization (YES-O) significantly showcases the very familiar recycling concept which must pervade the life of every YES-O officers and members. The circle that the arrows form is a reminder of the endless efforts that we must generously give as stewards of the environment even as it illustrates our interconnectedness in the circle of life. The different colors indicate that various programs, projects, activities, and advocacies that we should implement - all for the cause of the environment.At the core of the logo is Mother Earth surrounded by young people signifying our intergenerational responsibility and our shared task of taking care of our common world for our future and our children's future.

The logo indicates 2003 as the year when the YES-O was officially established as a school-based co-curricular organization for the environment. The tagline "We are Young and We Care" summarizes the goals and objectives of the YES-O. It challenges other stakeholders of the environment to do their share in protecting and rehabilitating the environment.

Source: YES-O Program Handbook

2013 | YES-O Pinas

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  1. Hello..wala po ba kayong available na high resolution na logo?



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